Friday, January 20, 2012

Khas Peshkash with Oye 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi

Khas Peshkash is very special event of Oye 104.8 FM Sabse Fimi which present bollywood songs with a new and classical touch. Whenever any bollywood celebrity request for Khas Peaskash, Oye FM makes an interesting and entertaining version song with a touch of humor. Today we are laying Chikni Chameli on the request of Hritik Roshan for his upcoming film Agnipath, which is dedicated to Katrina Kaif, and we are sure she will love the song whenever she listen .

Khas Peshkash is very much popular among the listeners and these 3 minutes of presentations has audience of its own. Most of the songs are created by our RJ’s and are can be enjoyed with whole family. Last time Oye 104.8 FM present you DON 2, Kolaveri Di and Oo La La. Khas Peshkash is also available online. Normally Khas Peshkash is framed on traditional musical instrument like harmonium and tabla, but there is no restriction of that. Chikni Chameli was sung in Jazz style, which Hritik Roshan praised a lot.

Oye 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi tries best to came up with the best entertainment. If you have any comments or views, you know our umbers which are open twenty four hours.

We will update you regularly, so till then Stay Tuned to 104.8 Fm Sabse Filmi.

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