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Monday, August 13, 2012

Vidya Balan on Oye! Cinema ke Fayede

Are Vidya Balan ko b to kuch bolne do yaar! Cinema ke Fyde unko b to batane do. "Let Vidya Balan speak about benefits of Cinema." Oye FM 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi.

Monday, June 11, 2012

And RJ Lucky From Oye FM 104.8 Won the Stylish RJ Award

Rj Luckie, Tuta chhaaa Gya Yaaar!!

Was at EDM mall, near Anand Vihar metro station, Ghaziabad and was watching the show (fbb - fashion at Big Bazaar). My bad luck I came late and some performances were done but I saw RJ Luckie’s (Oye FM 104.8 FM) performance. He did superb job and won the award as he was the most deserving person to get the most stylish RJ award. Before the event, He invited all his friends and fans over Facebook to come EDM Mall aur hum gaye Bhi.

See, what he wrote over @ FACEBOOK:-

“I Rj Luckie / Nitin Pahwa request your presence at the finale of RJ-Stylometer Tomorrow 10th June Sunday 4 p.m at EDM Mall east delhi (Near Anand Vihar ISBT)

Meleto cheeyal talne te liye dalool dalool aana..... dhal tey thaana waana bana te laana.... taun taun aayeda tya tya laayeda tamment talo :)”

And after winning the honor he quoted over FB:-


pehle to oopar waale ka.... necche waalon mein sabse pehle gharwalon ka.... fir dost, yaar, bosses (who gave me this chance)..... fir jin jin logon ne vote kiya aur karwaya..... special thanks to Shreya Bansal the only friend present on the event :( (This was the only sad part...) rest I felt I gave my "close to best performance. Jo kameene dost nahi aaye.... koi baat ni dost to fir bhi ho.... O ya Khurafaati VVishal Sharma bhi aaya tha,,, sorry bhai bhool gaya tha... THANKS to all once again..... GOD BLESS

Oye Abey quoted:-

On behalf of RJ Luckie thank all for voting and making him the winner of fbb - fashion at Big Bazaar stylo meter and making him DILLI KA SABSE STYLISH RJ :)

And bahut-bahut badaiyaan Rj Luckie mere vallon {RJ Sushil}!

Three Jugdes were there But I got to know only about Ankita Vyas as she were tagged in a picture. They all together picked Rj Luckie as Sehar ka Sabse STyLisH RJ.

Well, I am going to discuss some RJ’s performance here and first of all RJ Sushas (Fever 104 FM). Well Suhas was saying something but I was not able to listen to him as I was so far and very much noise was there. He didn’t show anything that would count as Stylish! Boss you have outstanding command over voice but only voice can’t make someone stylish.

It was RJ Sufi (Fever FM 104), whom I listen almost every day as he comes with his “Sufi Ka Pitara” daily. I don’t know but people don’t support him when he asked them to clap. Anyways, he shared a song which is composed by him, he told Ankita. But Boss, you were there to show your stylishness and song composition is the part of that, should have shown other skill too. But what I feel is you are so innocent. Still you did outstanding!

Now come to RJ Ashish AKA Shararti Munda (Radio City 91.1 FM). Where was your Shararatain yaar?? You really disappoint me and judges as well. I was expecting a lot from you man! All that fun was missing and I saw you just introducing yourself. Anyways, all the best for next time!

I couldn’t saw performances of RJ Akriti, RJ Sayam, RJ Rahul. RJ Simran was missing and I missed her so much. 

And what happened with Radio Mirchi? Why they didn’t participate? I dunno so asked if you know da reason please share and Keep rocking guys!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kabhi Kisi Ki Jaasooosi Ki? James Bond RJ Divya

About her:- Though RJ Divya's Facebook Profile

"catch me on OYE HOYE DILLI...only on OYE 104.8FM...7-11 am...jee haaannnn.....sabse filmyyyy!"

So meet James Bondi :) Yes RJ Divya become James Bond today and kar rahi hai jaasoosi sabki on Oye 104.8 FM.  Here is text she wrote over her Facebook profile:-

"Agent Vinod ya Karamchand...james bond ke chacha ho aap??? kabhi kisi ki jaasooosi ki? ...well i have:) share your stories..43581048"

And here one of me who called her to tell about my jaasoosi. :D Delhi is keep telling their jaasoosi to her. Kafi creative nahi hai apni Divya? Haan bhaai haan hai bahut creative hai. I saw her status and called and got aired. RJ Divya, with such a wonderful voice and frashness that makes you uncomortable, OMG! while talking to her, ek pal ke liye mai to meri jaasoosi wali baat hi bhool gaya tha yaar!! EK RJ dusre RJ se baat karte karte ghabra gaya, Kinni waddi baat a yaar! Chal koi na ho jaanda kade kade :) TC people and God Bless you Divya ! Keep Rocking!

And , You people don't forget to listen Oye 104.8 FM online. Will be back with rest fun :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Khas Peshkash with Oye 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi

Khas Peshkash is very special event of Oye 104.8 FM Sabse Fimi which present bollywood songs with a new and classical touch. Whenever any bollywood celebrity request for Khas Peaskash, Oye FM makes an interesting and entertaining version song with a touch of humor. Today we are laying Chikni Chameli on the request of Hritik Roshan for his upcoming film Agnipath, which is dedicated to Katrina Kaif, and we are sure she will love the song whenever she listen .

Khas Peshkash is very much popular among the listeners and these 3 minutes of presentations has audience of its own. Most of the songs are created by our RJ’s and are can be enjoyed with whole family. Last time Oye 104.8 FM present you DON 2, Kolaveri Di and Oo La La. Khas Peshkash is also available online. Normally Khas Peshkash is framed on traditional musical instrument like harmonium and tabla, but there is no restriction of that. Chikni Chameli was sung in Jazz style, which Hritik Roshan praised a lot.

Oye 104.8 FM Sabse Filmi tries best to came up with the best entertainment. If you have any comments or views, you know our umbers which are open twenty four hours.

We will update you regularly, so till then Stay Tuned to 104.8 Fm Sabse Filmi.